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Body confidence at the beach


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I'm off on holiday tomorrow with my cousins and fam. When we go to the beach, me, my sisters and older cousin always go in the sea. They both have a swimming costume, I don't. I haven't had one for years. I'm always that person who ends up in the sea with a tshirt and shorts on. Not a problem. People do that. I just... they always say now to 'bring something that you can go in the sea in', preferably not denim shorts, and the salt water ruined my tshirt last time. I want a swimming outfit, not just for the beach but also for swimming at the pool, but.. It's so embarrassing.. I guess, we all know what puberty is, so I'll say it. I'm female, I don't shave *down there* and I don't want to. I do feel pressured to do so through social media and through the idea of going on the beach, but I really really don't want to. It's just a choice I've made. But when I'm at the beach, I'm afraid to wear anything less than shorts because, well, swim costumes for women are kinda... revealing... ya know?. I feel embarrassed if I ask to buy swim shorts and a top, I don't know why. Maybe it's because its different from all the women wearing a regular swim suit. Maybe I should just buy my own swim shorts and top? Or maybe this summer I'll just go in some regular shorts and a vest?

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Hey @Marv


Totally up to you what to wear on the beach as the only prerequisite for a beach body is to have a body and take it to the beach but it is important for you to be comfy.

If you are self-conscious about showing your bikini line then most shops have swim shorts that you can wear in the sea with a swimming costume. Swimming costumes are good because they are made of a material that dries quickly and doesn't weigh you down in the water.



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@Remi That's true... I might buy some swim shorts. I'm pretty sure I've seen women in ones that are quick dry too. Thank you Remi :)

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