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Why do you think mental health is still seen as a scary thing?


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I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I was always super frightened to tell any of my friends. But, when I did tell them they supported me all the way. I think people can surprise you - and if they are mean about it then they weren't good friends in the first place :)

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Great question Jake, thanks for posting. ??


When I say the word mental what words do you think of in association? I think of crazy, unstable, intense and mad. Now let's do the same for the word physical, I don't really have any words that jump out of me. Do you?


This highlights how as a society we have big negative associations with the word mental in a very different way to the word physical. Talking about physical health is a lot easier and less scary than talking about mental health.


I do think this is slowly changing but not quick enough. You can always talk about your anxiety here Jake and please know there is nothing wrong with you nor are you the only person that gets anxious, I get anxiety too. What do you find helps when yours gets bad?


So true Evie and I love that your friends have been supportive they sound awesome. When we take the stigma out of it, all it really is, is someone needing support and help with their health. An illness doesn't need to be seen to make it valid.


Sending positivity. ?




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It's definitely something people are scared of if you ask me.

A physical injury like a broken leg, we all know, they put it in a plaster cast and let it heal. 8 weeks or so later you have a little physio if required and your fine again.

Mental health, is another ball game. Where with a broken leg you notice instantly because it hurts and your unable to walk. Others notice because they can see it. Mental health, firstly only those close to you know who know you as a person can really accurately tell when something is wrong. And even then it isn't necessarily noticeable until it gets to a certain stage. And to others who don't know you as well, its easy for them to mistaken your behaviour as your regular personality.


For me, I'm believed to suffer with social phobia and panic. I'm under investigation for Aspergers as characteristics match that. I suffer badly in social environments and I have suicidal thoughts because of the way I'm left feeling. From the outside you wouldn't know. And that is what makes it scary for other to think about. They can't see the signs and they can't predict you.

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Hey 80sboy, ??


I so agree with you. The fact that you cannot visibly see it is exactly why people struggle to understand what it is and spot when people are in pain and need some help.


Do you have enough support from those around you? You are not on your own and I'm so happy you have found our Community. It really is a safe space to talk honestly about how you are doing and most importantly know you are not the only one.


Have you talked openly about your suicidal thoughts with anyone close to you?


Sending positivity and support. ?




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I'm gonna place a lot of blame for this on sensationalized media broadcasts. Think about it - what's the first thing the talking heads on TV start pointing their fingers at every time something horrible happens?


Mental illness.


Suddenly people with mental illnesses are painted as violent, criminal, unstable, and dangerous. Which is, more often than not, further from the truth. People with mental illness are more likely to be the victims of crime, but you don't see anyone reporting from that angle.


Social media has come a long way in getting mental illnesses de-stigmatized in various internet circles, but the general public still mostly digests all their information through the tube, so until news outlets stop demonizing mental health I think this problem is going to persist.

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