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How to be not hopelessly lovesick?


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So Im a stupid lovesick teenager, who is desperate for love .I have no idea why,but i am dying to find a boy. I see all my friends going out with other guys, cheeishing delicious moments, and i just feel like being a part of it. Maybe its all these rom coms, romance novels and those cheesy love songs that boosts my desperation. But i just want to taste the feeling of actually fing someone, who would love u like ur the last girl in this planet. (I sound horribly idiotic).

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Hello @Beverly,

This seems like a classic case of 'compare and despair' we look at other people's lives through a magical lens where it all looks perfect. The truth is all relationships have their problems and romcoms and TVs literally romanticise love to make it seem appealing. When you do find the right person love can be amazing and terrifying at the same time. But it is not the be-all and end-all of your existence. You have to build up love and self-confidence in yourself and your own skills as well and then your relationship (when and if you find the right person) will just be a nice added extra bonus to the fulfill life that you already live.

Try and fall in love with yourself first and then hopefully you will attract the right kind of person. Fall in love with your hobbies, and with your friendships - there are so many different kinds of love out there for you.


I hope this helps.



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I can relating apart from the fing bit, i want to find someone to love too and thing i think works best for me, is going to online forums and meeting nice people, learning who your type is and then trying to find that in the real world, one thing though... please stay safe on the internet there is so much stuff that's happened to me just be careful, ok?

Yours truly the one the only-


ps nice to meet you btw

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Hey hey I'm froyo. I know what you're going through. It sucks seeing everyone with someone when you have no one. Im here to say relationship doesnt equal happiness and single doesn't equal lonley. It would be nice to find a girl though but ima try my best to work on me

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Agree with so much of this! A relationship can be amazing but can also be exhausting :) It's nice to be able to have someone in your life if they add value and compliment your life rather than you become an extension of them.


Equally, you can be super happy single - I've done both and been happy in other situations. :)


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