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How to deal with being called ugly


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So, I have always had some self-appearance issues / lack of confidence, but I’ve had some comments the last few days which have knocked me quite a bit.

Ive always been large (I’m a 40yr straight male) so suffered some bullying when younger, but I’ve got through it. Relationships have been few and infrequent, but again I managed to fight through, mainly as I could argue as the reasons for failure where not a direct attack on me. However that situation has shifted over the last 3 days due to :

1) someone on a dating site I tagged as liking said “Oh God no sorry. I would look like you have hired me for the occasion with the comparison of looks between us !!!!!!!�

2) a bloke at work, who is generally a bit of wind up merchant, said (after giving me grief about another work colleague) “she will never look at yours you’re an ugly git!


This plus the fact that the woman I really care far has made it plain that she thinks I need to lose a ton of weight before I try dating hasn’t really helped!!!


so how do people out there deal with it, as I’m struggling

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Hello @Saints77


The truth is we will never be everyone's cup of tea - we all like different things in people and different body shapes, one is not better than the other.


The only reason we should change ourselves is because we want to and not because of what other people think of us, there are plenty of women that like husky men. I wouldn't waste any attention on people that put you down because looks really only run skin deep - you fall in love with someone that makes you laugh and feeds your soul. So don't chase after the ones that make you feel like that.



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