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are you ugly if you don’t get followers on Instagram?


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I’ve always wondered about this since I never really liked using social media...but if you don’t get a larger following...does that mean you aren’t that pretty? Most of the pretty girls and guys have large followings. But they also tend to post a lot. I wonder if it is because you aren’t attractive that people don’t follow you since Instagram is pretty superficial... what do you guys think?

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Hello Loretta,


Thanks for raising this here. I honestly don't think attractiveness has a huge part to play in followers. Remember Instagram is a marketing tool and therefore those that are successful on it are really good at marketing themselves - this involves sharing a lot, getting on the right algorithms and maybe being part of a USP - yes there are lots of traditionally 'attractive' folks on Instagram but that may just be because of the feeds that you follow - and DON'T FORGET airbrushing, good angels, professional cameras/ photographers, lighting, make up. It's all about showing the 'best' version of yourself not the 'real' you. I think there is a lot of good content out there too just try and unfollow the accounts that make you feel low.



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