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Self esteem in relationship/date


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Hi I have not been having a very good relationship with my boyfriend recently because of really bad confidence issues and we have been falling out for the past two weeks. I always compare myself to other girls and just always feel not good enough and ugly . I am meant to be going on a date with him tonight and we are going to try and patch things up , I just don't know how to come across confident to a boyfriend .

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Before we get into this, you're not ugly and you're unique and beautiful as you are. I'll admit, in this day and age, it's very hard not to compare yourself to others; but we shouldn't because we are beautiful and unique. It's often down to body confidence, which is sometimes also hard to achieve.

Relationship wise, if you're falling out a fair bit, meeting and talking about it a good move! I hope it went well, the date - how was it? Talking openly about stuff is always the best move I think, though it can be hard.

Not every couple wants to, but have you considered taking a break? Not every couple wants to because sometimes it becomes a habit, which brings me back to saying it's usually good to openly talk about this stuff.

How long have you been dating? Because confidence, like with anything (especially new) comes as time goes on and experience in that area/event/with that person (etc) increases gradually. It's totally okay to be not very confident. But also, your boyfriend should respect the fact that you're not very confident at the moment.

Body and relationship confidence doesn't always come quickly; but it's crucial to remember that you're unique, beautiful and capable. Just because you're not so confident now, doesn't mean you can't be down the line.


I hope this helps in some way! I hope the date went okay? :)

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Hello there @Ellieboo98

Sorry to hear that things haven't been good lately with your boyfriend. Relationships can often go through ups and downs. How did your date go?


I would try to worry less about being 'confident' in front of your partner and just try to be yourself. We are all so guilty of comparing ourselves so don't feel too bad about having a little dip in your self-esteem.


Communication is key in any relationship so could you try talking to your partner about how you feel, he may even be able to offer you some reassurance that you need right now, don't be afraid to let him know how you feel he may be really supportive.


Sending lots of solidarity your way.



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