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Made a mistake at a low point and now I am at the breaking point


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I am 23 years old, and about 3 months ago I broke up with my girlfriend and got into a really depressed state. I felt like maybe body or my personality was not good enough, and I was very lonely.

In that time I made the bad decision on using a app to talk to people my age, in particular girls, to ask why they would break up with boyfriend and not want anything to do with them. I found some help but also stupidly sent some pictures with consent to several people of my nude body but without my face or anything like that. At the time it felt great to get feed back from these "strangers", but lately I have been looking back and been tormented by what I did. I feel like I have ruined mylife and my dignity. I cant describe why I did what I did, although at the time it made sense and felt okay.


Now I cant enjoy anything or stop thinking about it. Have I ruined my life? What are the risks if these people know nothign abut me, and I cant be identified through the photo? I wrote the app but they were not helpful. I just need to get it off my chest and hopefully receive some honest feedback on my mistake.


Please help

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Hello @PhillipAlt


Oh breakups can make us feel so so crappy and they take a long time to grieve and get over and it is too easy for us to blame ourselves for everything that went wrong and make it about something that is lacking within us. Bu truthfully sometimes there is no reason and you are just not meant to be and there is nothing you could have done or changed about yourself and for the right person, we should feel good enough.


It's natural to have curiosity and sometimes send nude photos to others, try not to feel ashamed of something that is actually quite natural - if your face isn't in any of the photos and you have no reason to believe that anyone would share your images, I would try not to worry about it. You haven't ruined your life and so many adults have shared images of themselves and had no bad consequences occur from that.


Sending lots of positivity your way.



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