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am i not good enough to have a boyfriend/hookup


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my friends lately have been telling me to get out there and its not like I haven't tried but I just don't feel like its working. Im really into this guy but he won't even give me the time of day and I just feel like my friends have so much going for them and I don't. I don't know what to do

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Okay, right:

You are not too late,

You are not to old/young,

There is no rush; you are right on time and better than you know.


It's so so important to know that there is no rush. For a long long time, I never paid any attention to love/who/what I liked; I just rolled with life. People around me in school were dating, gossiping about girl/boyfriends, breaking up and going on left right and centre. And that's okay. Similarly, there were people who had never dated and had no interest in dating, and others who were interested but never really went for it. Any of those are totally fine. I'm 18, nearing 19, and only a few months ago I experienced the tip of the iceberg of love. It was only a crush, it wasn't full blown love. But it was something. I went my whole high school career with no love/romantic interests what so ever. The relationship I had didn't last long, and sure it's sad and some might say 'Go out and find someone else! quick!' but I'm not bothered about finding someone right now. There's no rush, I don't feel an urgency to find someone, and that's totally fine. you're allowed to wait and find someone at 34. There isn't an age or a time or a place where you HAVE to meet someone, it just comes naturally. You know when you find your love. And deep down, you probably know what's right for you too. For me personally, I'm not that bothered about having a love, but if it comes around, I'll invite it in.


Now, the guy you like. Does he know you like him? If he does, great! Be open and inviting. See if you can spend some time with him? See what comes naturally, see how it all flows, see what feels right. But, like I said, don't rush into it.


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Hello @Gracieanne1

Please try not to worry about what you think your friends are up to and focus on yourself. We all do it, we all compare ourselves to others but the truth is that there is no one you-er than you. So try and celebrate everything that you are instead who you are not and not able to able ever to be.

So if this guy doesn't show you the time of day CUT HIM LOOSE - don't waste your time on people that don't see your light. Spend time with the people that build you up and make you feel really worthy of love.

You are not somebody until someone loves you. You are whole and amazing whether or not someone is with you or not. Foster the relationship with yourself as it is the longest and most important one that you will ever have.


Sending positivity your way!


You've got this.




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