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feel ready to come out to my mum but I can’t find the words to text her about it


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I’ve had over a year to come to terms with the fact that I’m bi and I finally feel that it’s a right time to tell mum, my brother makes jokes at home about me being gay all the time and I always brush it off but I’ve always ducked out of finally telling them. Know I want to start with mum first but not sure how she’ll react

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Hello @Akimbli


A big welcome to our community. And CONGRATULATIONS on figuring out your sexuality, we're happy for you.


If you feel like you are ready and want to tell your Mum - what do you feel like you want her to know. Could you say something like, Mum I really want to tell you think because i'm really excited about it - I think I am attracted to both boys and girls and I really wanted to let you know?"


Put this into your own words of course - you could practice writing the text on here now if you'd like?


Sending lots of solidarity your way!



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Congrats figuring out you're sexuality. And I'm proud that you are ready to come out! So cool and exciting!

So, it's good you've chosen a way to come out too, texting it is a good way to do it I think. There are plenty of things you could say, but make sure to put any suggestions in your own words :) Personally, I think short and sweet is a good way to go, but you can make it as long as you like!


You could go with...

'Hi Mum. There's something I've been wanting to tell you for ages, and I feel like I'm ready to now. I'm bisexual (or 'I like boys and girls'), and I hope that's okay'. maybe something like that. When I told my mom I was bi, I literally just said 'I'm not exactly straight' and left it at that haha


Again, put it into your own words. You'll find them. :) I hope it goes well!

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