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Do I have a purpose in life ?


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Over the past few years my life been a broken record. Things I thought would turn out to be better seems to be worse by the minute. I'm a nice person who gets mocked, and used as if I'm some sort of a puppet. I try to make friends but there all the same, popular people who's egos are so big they think they can boss you around. I suffer from depression and anxiety which causes me to freak out in social gatherings or public places. I try so hard to please people and respect them, even when they don't show the slightest respect towards me . I just wish I lived a better life, or no life at all.

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Please don't think it's your fault or that you're horrible. I don't know much but I think you should focus on something you love and try to slowly go out of your shell to meet people that share same interests. Stand up for yourself, remind yourself that yes you have a purpose, you matter, you are wonderful and beautiful. You don't deserve to be mistreated,

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Hello Morgan,


You definitely do have a purpose and your presence on this earth is neccessary. In life we don't like everyone and it sounds to me that these people do not matter to you and therefore you should try not to care about their opinions. There will be a time in the future when you will find youre 'tribe' and the people you are supposed to be around. If people are your real friends then you should not have to try to please them.


Respect yourself and give your time to those that give it to you and try not to waste energy with people that don't inspire you or make you feel amazing.


Sending solidarity your way.



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Hi Morgan


So first thing is first you absolutely have a purpose in life. You might not realise it now but you will as time comes. Growing up I very much felt the same. I felt frustrated with my lack of purpose. I felt frustrated at how easy people would find it to abuse my kindness and generosity and how I would still do my best everyday and it keeps on blowing up in my face.


And I decided at some point that I need to accept myself for who I was. My struggle with anxiety and depression was worsened by my identity crisis. I just had to sit myself down and realise that I am enough. Even though I didn’t know my purpose back then I accepted myself and I told myself I have a purpose I just don’t know what it is.


I want you to know that you are an amazing person. The fact that you care about other people can have a big effect on them. By just caring you can have a bigger impact on someone’s life than you think. I now work as a teacher and I see this everyday. I would advise you to identify people with similar interest to yours as well as personality. You should just then start talking to them and progressively invest more in your friends. You are valid, you are amazing and you can change people’s lives. And I believe that you will do this.


PS: Hang in there you will find your purpose.




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