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Excepting Who I Am


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Hi my name is Kate and I'm looking for advice on excepting myself for who I am and coping with my social anxiety.

I've had anxiety for 6 years now and it has had a pretty negative effect on my life. I don't do anything out of my comfort zone and I tend to feel ashamed of myself because of it.

What use to be my favorite hobbies I no longer do because I am afraid I will be judged for them. I use to sing, dance, and listen to music all the time.

My anxiety stems from being sexually harassed when I was young and in a public school. I never fully coped with it and later homeschooled.

I have never done therapy and it is very unlikely I will because I can't afford it.

Would seriously appreciate any advice that you have to offer.

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Hello @katerbug01

Welcome to our community,

you are really brave for sharing this here with us and we want to let you know that we all support you.


There is nothing to be ashamed of doing the things you love, all that matters is that you enjoy them. Trauma can do a lot of things to us. Counselling does not have to cost lots of money and usually if you are under 18 there are usually free options - CAMHS also have a free counselling service if you are based in the UK. There are also usually free helplines you can call.



You are doing the right thing by sharing how you are feeling so well done!




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