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How to stop feeling tired and alone


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@nina I feel the same way. I have also lost friends recently and I dont seem to smile much anymore. If you can, try and find one thing to do every day, preferably at night, so when you wake up in the morning, think, "I cant wait to do ___ tonight" that way you can make it through the day focusing on that one thing. That's what I do, anyway

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It´s so sad that you´re feeling sad and alone. @Anthony IV you really did give great advice. For me, it´s lucid dreaming or just dreams overall that I wait for. I started a dream journal, where I write down every dream I have and since then I remember my dreams so vividly that I focus on them when times are tough. If you´re interested then try visiting Explore Lucid Dreaming on YouTube. It really helps me. Hope that you got some ideas and that it gets better!

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I’m so sorry you’re going through a lot. It’s why I joined this site, it helps me to realize how everyone is going through something. I don’t know if it’s healthy or not, but I try to focus on doing things for others and recognizing that so many people are going through similar or worse things. It helps me not to sink into self pity. But it’s also important to do things for yourself, so I hope this site works for me and you.

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