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how to come out?


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i think im ready to come out as trans. for some reason i cringe when i type it down, because really what im looking for is to be a man, a boy, me.


How do you come out to your christian mom?

She's not the most christian mom out there, she belivies in happiness and there's a reason for everything and everyone.

How do you plan to come out to your world-blind dad, different world looks and supports me for being a girl, tries to baby me but not my brother?

He's not christian, he doesnt belivie in religion and is so much different of other dads.

How do you get your brother on your side and accept you, for who you are?

He's very similar to me, he was the idol for me when growing up because we played soccer and videogames together. He's not much older than me, we like pretty similar things.

I'm scared that maybe it'a too much for my mom, she is ill and suffering from a divorce. i wanna come out to her, because shes the one i trust the most. Maybe life gets easier for me, maybe she finds another reason to move to a bigger city to get treatments for me. And my brother will be excited to have a brother. Or am i going to fuck up my relationship with her?

I live in a small city in Europe and i know some other LGBT kids but i don't know anyone who's really trans, i only know one non-binery kid. They don't really talk about it a lot in school and there's really no one to talk to.

How do you accept the pressure of coming out, and how do you come out without fucking everything up?

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@Kalev Firstly, congratulations! However you identify and whoever you love or are attracted to is valid and we're here to support you through. Just take it a step at a time and go at a pace that's right for you - some people prefer to tell everyone at once and others prefer to speak to people 1:1. Whatever you decide, remember that you've probably been thinking about this for a long time and whoever you share with will then take time to process themselves. It can be a huge help to come out to someone you really trust and they can be a staunch ally in supporting you though telling everyone else.


For a start, these guides should help:








Let us know what you think and we're here for you.



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