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Thighs (Sorry I know it's a weird sounding title)


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Lately the whole "Thigh Gap" thing has been going around and it's really been making me feel bad. My thighs touch, and I've been OBSESSED trying to make them not. I've tried exercising, harmful dieting (basically starving myself, trust me it's no fun), physically trying to contort myself to look like that (standing with my leg apart all the time etc it's pretty stupid) and nothing worked.

Then I came upon this website and it told me that some people just aren't meant to have thigh gaps. It's not in their bone structure. Thigh gaps are nothing. Literally nothing.

So if you naturally have one, you're fine! If you don't, you're fine! If you don't and you're trying to achieve one, DON'T! There is not point!

Having one or not having one doesn't make a difference! Most guys won't care!

Just stay healthy!

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