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I recently came out to my mommom/grandmom. My mommom is very religious and is a homophobe. I actually didn't mean to come out to her, but she was bashing my coworker because she is a lesbian. I told her there was nothing wrong with being a lesbian and she asked me if I was one and I told her no and that I was bisexual. She looked at me in shock for a couple of seconds and she said please don't and that I'd be happier being with a man. I didn't really respond after that because I didn't want to upset her more. She still loves me, but doesn't accept who I am. I really don't like being in the closet about being bisexual and was planning on telling her and my family soon but now I'm not so sure. My siblings, best friends,and step- dad know and support me, but I just don't want the same reaction from my mom, granddad, and aunt.

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@JeneeBae Hi, I know exactly what your going through my whole family is homophobic and it was super hard for me to come out as lesbian to them. But i did it and i don't have very good relationships with some of them now but some of my family supports me, it will feel much better if you get it off your chest and just tell them. But if you think it would be a situation where you would not be safe then i don't think you should tell them because you need to make sure your safe. Also you can tell your mommom that being bi means you might get a man or a woman but either way your who you are and if she doesn't except that then well that's her problem. your family will learn to except you eventually, in some cases it just takes people time to except/ wrap there heads arpund the concept.

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@JeneeBae Let me be one of the voices telling you that you are perfect just as you are. Echoing the advice above - if it is safe for you to come out, it can sometimes take some time for family members (especially from older generations) to process and come to terms with people coming out.


They may have really never ben 'exposed' to people in their day to lives that are out and may be stuck in very old views from a long time ago. Also, it's completely possible for relatives to have a complete change of heart and end up being awesome allies.


Come out at your own pace and don't feel rushed to do it. Maybe ask the supportive relatives to do this with you so you aren't alone when you speak to them.




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