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Just found out that I'm asexual and I don't know what to think

Lauren or Tom    

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So I just found out that I'm asexual and I dont kno what to think of it.

I'm realised that attracted to no genders. I thought I liked this boy a few months ago but now I think that that was just my mind playing with me

Now that I've figured it out, I'm scared.

In my mind, I keep thinking, asexual is not a big deal, it's not like homosexuals, or trans etc. That part of the LGBT community, that's big and I think that asexual isn't.

Im so hollow in the heart, I wonder whether my minds playing with me. I've always known that I've been different all my life.

It's so confusing and tiring, yea it could change in the next few years but irdk anymore. I don't know whether asexual is something to be proud of. Should I come out? What should I do?





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@Lauren or Tom You are who you are just be you, don't worry about being proud or any !#$% like that.Just do what you feel is right. If you want to come out to some people but not others do it. Other people can't make up your mind on issues like this, but we can give you advice. I advise that you only come out to a few people you really trust atm. Being apart of the LGBTIQA+ community isn't anything to be proud or not proud about. It's just who you are. I'm lesbian and i know that has nothing to do with being asexual but i've experienced the scares of having to come out and stuff. I just followed my gut, and i think that's what you should do, have trust in your heart.

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Hey Tom,


So I think to say being asexual not being deal may be unfair to those that are asexual to say it's not a big deal. We see all sexualities or identities as equally as valid and important. I think it's very important to be proud of being a part of the LGBT+ community.

Any identity you have is intertwined with you - and you are always someone to be proud of.


Yes it may change as time goes on and it may not but I don't think you have to tell people or keep it to yourself, like with everything, it's entirely your choice. Maybe you could just tell the people closest to you right now that you think you may be asexual.


Have you read our piece by Yasmin Benoit? https://www.ditchthelabel.org/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-asexuality-with-yasmin-benoit/ - give her a follow on social media too.



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Thanks for replying both of u.

I guess my problem is not knoing what to do now, I know im asexual but its like giving a five year old a puzzle but not teaching it how to do the puzzle. I understand asexual but i dont kno how to react if u understand what i mean.



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