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I'm gay and I live in Romania where 90% of the population is homophobic.


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So about 3 years ago I realized that I'm gay. Then followed 2 years of internalized oppression where I was scared of myself. I'm pretty sure this came from being raised in a homophobic family. Now, age 16, I accept the truth, all of my close friends know about my sexuality and they don't have any problems with it. My big concern is my mom (my parents are divorced): she is the most homophobic person I've ever known: the one time I tried coming out she threatened she'd kill herself then proceeded to say I was just confused. So I guess that what I'm trying to find here are answers to questions like how to come out or how do I handle this whole being gay thing. Thanks in advance :)))

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@Tmuresan2 I am lesbian and i have had a few issues with homophobic people. I think the best thing to do is stay true to who you are. Just because your gay doesn't mean anything about you has changed apart from who you like.

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Hello @Tmuresan2


First off, welcome to our community, we are happy to have you here.


It's wonderful that you are starting to accept and love yourself for who you are. It's also great that you are 'out' to your close friends and that you have a support network around you.


As for coming out to mum, you don't have to come out and it's always better to make sure your safety (as in having a home to be in) comes first so if you think your mum really won't take it well and you have tried before, it may be best to wait until you are in a position to move out? If she is very homophobic you may need to think about the fact that she may never accept your sexuality which is really tough.


It's your choice what you decide but make sure you tell your support network when you are going to do it so you can make sure you have a good group of friends around you when you need it most.


Sending lots of solidarity your way,



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