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Hi, i'm Kalev.

I have lost many friends in my lifetime (im 13) and I think it's catching up to me. I can't trust my current friends and i really don't talk to them about my family life. I don't wanna make it a big deal and cry over the fact that my parents are getting divorce, my moms health is not great and about the addictions they both have.

My lost friendships in my life have formed me to be who i am. My first bestfriend for almost since my birth became abusing me and making me do things that i didnt want to. I dont blame her, i was 2 years younger than her and we had really different lives. I can't look at some things with the same look.

She was actually my only bestfriend and when i ended the friendship with her i was scared, i had never been alone in my life. But i guess it was for the best.

I ended the friendship when i was eleven and i was really alone, but i started building friendships in my class, everything started to get better. I was happier and i had three new friends, the whole class was nice to me, I wasn't sad anymore.

But then one of my new friends stopped being friends with me. It was the time when my parents we're getting divorce and i couldn't say anything about it. I suffered so hard, it was a dark time. My two new friends disseapeared and i was alone, bored and angry. I have had mental health problems before but that time i was done. Done with everything, i gave up.

About a month ago, the friend hit me up and apologized and i was happy and quick to have her back in my life. She said some stupid excuse why she stopped being friends with me and i fell a bit back to the hole. My friend watched me suffer for many months and then came out and said everything was actually fine.

I didnt think it over and i just let her back into my life, and it's summer and i feel alone again.

Life just has ups and downs, but i hope this isn't some kind of artical and actually shows you how life fucks you over even when you didnt to shit.

This more of a story i realize after writing this, dont feel sorry i have come to terms with how i am, and i focus on things that makes me happy.

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Hello @Kalev


Welcome to the community,


Thanks so much for sharing this with us here.


Going through the divorce of your parents is already a really hard thing to go through, it isn't your fault and it will probably be better for your family in the long run if they were happier and apart.


Unfortunately, it is part of life that people will always come and go and it means that mabe they were the best friends for you. Loneliness can feel so horrible so I totally get why that has made you feel sad. This summer is there any club you can join to keep you around people and help you feel less alone this summer?


You have a really positive outlook which shows lots of strength :)


Have a read over this blog we wrote about overcoming loneliness, I think it will really help you https://www.ditchthelabel.org/7-tips-combating-loneliness/






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Clubs and summer isn't very popular in our city, we usually just go travel with our family. I have gotten more confidence recently and i'm going to hit up some of friends i had great time in school and to staff.

I have accepted that the divorce wasn't my fault, but new people in my dad's life are making me go insane. I should just chill and not overthink, because summer doesn't exist for ever and school starts soon.

I just ended my football season and it of course makes me sad, but there's not much to do about it and it come back in a month.

Thanks for the confident few words, I'll just take summer one day at a time


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Hey @Kalev


Yes, it's important to chill but also you are valid in feeling like you don't like some of the people your Dad is with, have you spoken to him about this?


Is football not something you could keep playing throughout the summer? You could get a team together yourself?


Take it one day at a time, that's all you can do - feel free to come in and check in with us about how you are getting on :)


We'd love to keep updated!





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