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family bullying


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hi , i'm a student in uni and still live with my parents , we don't agree anymore and living with them became so hard for me , i keep recieving hate and bullying everyday ,

today my mom wishes me death , and said a lot of bad things to me like i'm useless i'm a disaster and probably will live my life alone and no one will love me

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Hello @ambition


Welcome to the community.


This doesn't sound like a nice environment for you to be in right now and your mum shouldn't be saying those kinds of things to you. Have you tried to talk to her when you aren't arguing about how this behaviour makes you feel? Is there someone at your university that works in student services that you could speak to?


Is moving out an option with financial aid?


Sending lots of solidarity your way.



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I feel somewhat the same. My female dna donor has verbally bullied me since 1st grade, and she constantly asks me to kill myself, at least since 4rth grade. I'm in 12th now, and I just want her to stop. I have no safe spaces to go to by the time she gets home. I can't get rid of her because I don't have any family or friends that I can go to. I just want her to leave me alone. I try ignoring her, changing the topics, and pretty much anything but violence. How do I get rid of or deal with this kind of bullying?

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