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Why do i feel this way?


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I always feel like I’m ugly! Like nobody likes me and they prefer others around me. I went to this event with people the same age as me and I felt like many refrained from talking to me and talked with other beautiful girls. And even girls pick pretty girls to talk to which overshadows my personality and I become all shy. I just don’t know why I feel this way and I really want people to be able to talk to me. And sometimes I feel like I will never have a boyfriend because I’m ugly Bc cute guys don’t even look my way.

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Hello @Sweets123


Welcome to the community,


I'm sorry you are feeling low on your self-confidence - you are not alone and it really is something we all struggle with. Remember when you are comparing yourself to these girls it's all from your perspective and the truth is, we will never know the way others see us.


If you are feeling in yourself that you aren't good enough then you are projecting that into the world and other people can read that energy.


Sometimes we can overthink so much and assume that people are looking at the way we look and then we forget to relax and just try to get to know people.


Be confident in the knowledge that you bring so much to the table and anyone would be lucky to have a conversation with you.


We're here for you.



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