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I really dont know what to name this...

Anthony IV    

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So i was in the shower last night and I was just sitting there, thinking about how AMAZING life is (that is complete sarcastic, btw), and it dawned on me. I found myself wishing that my parents would hate me when I come out as bi so I have a legitimate reason to be depressed. I have no clue how to react to this and am extremely confused. But at the same time I think it makes sense. I dont have a reason to be depressed, but if they were mad at me then I would actually have a reason. I dont know how twisted and broken my mind has to be to come up with this, but what. I mean, how many people wish their parents hated them?!? Please help me. I am so lost. Normally I would talk to my friend, but he doesn't talk to me anymore. Help?

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Hello @Anthony IV


What you are feeling is normal. Often we think 'why am I depressed? I have no reason to be" - but depression does not have to have a reason or a rhyme, depression can happen to anyone at any time in their lives as it is essentially a chemical imbalance in your brain.


Remember life is subjective and everyone's pain is specific to them.


I don't think you wish your parents hated you really, you may be wanting to validate your depression, but as I said, your feelings are valid no matter your experience - remember those tips I gave in that other post - i'll copy them here for you:

  • Exercise – this releases natural chemicals in the body which lift your mood
  • Talk about your problems – confide in someone you trust or seek counselling - we are always here for you but sometimes it helps to find other people in your life that you can tell how you feel to. A parent, friend or teacher.
  • Practice relaxation techniques like meditation
  • Set yourself small, manageable tasks which are easier to cope with
  • If you feel ashamed, exhausted, guilty, neglectful, worthless – remind yourself that this is the depression ‘talking’
  • You are not a burden. Your loved ones care about you and will want to help
  • You cannot just ‘snap out of it’ – it takes help, support and time
  • Ask a trusted friend or relative to check in with you regularly
  • Allow yourself not to be ‘perfect’ – many people with depression or anxiety set themselves extremely high standards and feel bad if they fail to meet the
  • Remind yourself of all the things you do well – don’t over-focus on something that does not go to plan

You can talk to us whenever you need to.




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I've been using the rubber band trick so much, my wrist is starting to not even feel the rubber band anymore (idk if that's good or bad). It has really helped!

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