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Im getting bullied because of my mom.

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Hi Im Julius 17 years old and my mother my sister and me moved away from where we used to live because my dad and mom broke up financially it went downhill and we live in a black dominated neighborhood (nothing wrong with that).School is rough with bullies everywhere but I made some friends that are black me being white doesn't help me here my sister is on my school too 1 year older and good with everybody. Now here comes the problem my mother has a new boyfriend now that is black it didn't bother me at all he is very nice and polite my sister goes out with black guys too but my friends and a lot of people at school soon found out and knew we used to live where only rich people live and started teasing me. My mother is very good looking my friends call her milf and so on and my sister is very good looking aswell it started with them saying she is beautiful to calling her a milf and following her on instagram liking all her posts and checking her out when they are at my place they think I don't see it well IM physically very feminine build so IM scared do say something or even do something about it so I learned to just say nothing my mom is pretty naive and open about her sexuality and likes the pictures from them too and they tease me nonstop. A week ago is where it got pretty bad they found a pornstar that looks similar to my mom and she does interracial porn and started sending me those porn and saying fucked up things. Yesterday in sports I wad headed to the locker room and heard them talking about her my friend Marcus started telling how he would make her his pet and really disgusting things I left my stuff there and ran home. My mom doesn't make things better she posts pretty daring pics with cleavage and so on and I don't know what do to I got no one to talk to my sister would laugh about me and my mom would say they are young boys with too much testosterone or some shit like that. This isn't bait to get me off or something I posted on another forum and people didn't take me serious I really don't know what do to if you know please help me

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Hi Julius,

Have you spoken to your friends and told them that they are making you uncomfortable? Maybe they think you don't mind their 'jokes' / find them funny. I know that you are scared to confront them so don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Or maybe your mom can help you if you tell her how uncomfortable you are feeling? Alternatively is there anyone at school that you can talk to in confidence either for advice or to help?

Hope this helps


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Hello Julius,


I'm sorry you are going through this. I know it's hard but try and ignore their comments as maybe saying anything to them could just spur them on further. Do you think it's a conversation you could also have with your Mum?



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