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Opening up to my partner


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I mean... I guess like with any problem, you need to just go for it and be honest.

You could tell him in a sorta, joking way? I can't describe how to on here, but sorta in a nice, joking way, but you still mean it?

Alternatively, buy him something and see if he takes the hint?

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Hello @Jesram


Tough decision to be in but it shows that you really care about him that you want to try and protect him.


I wouldn't recommend making a joke out of it as your partner might feel like you are teasing him about it.


I would speak to him honestly and openly and sit him down and tell him you have something to talk to him about - say it's not a huge deal but that you have noticed sometimes that his personal hygiene could be a little better - recommend a good toothbrush and a good body wash and deodorant and let him know that you care about him. He may get a bit upset but I think most of us would rather someone was honest with us.


I hope this helps.



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