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hi I'm 15. I am often bullied by my mom like physically, calling me such a bad things and that have no reason like it's her daily routine. I often talk to her about this, and she is like regrets everything, but next day it repeats. I have 10 years old sister and she is victim too. my mom doesn't have any mental illnesses. sometimes she is very funny, but anytime she changes her mood. I think I am answering her a lot and gets more crazy, but I don't think I'm the reason about her bullying. I can't say these to my friends and I feel bad about it, I need some advices, pls help me...

P.S. I'm from Georgia country and sorry for my English mistakes

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Hi @nini


I sent you an email - did you get it?


If you are in any danger at home, or if you and your sister ever feel unsafe, please call your local police or tell someone at school.


I'm sorry to hear this, it's not your fault and it's likely that your Mum has some other stress going on in her life that is causing her to be like this. Do you have any other family members like an auntie or an uncle or grandparent that you could talk to about it that could maybe talk to your mother for you?



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