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distant family


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So my mum and dad split up about two three years ago on a family holiday in summer. I found all the messages in his phone he was cheating and I haven’t seen him since. Since then mum has recently got a new “boyfriend� but she keeps lying to me saying that she dosent love him he’s just a friend there’s nothing going on when I’ve been reading her texts messages between him and her and him calling her his girlfriend and saying I love you to eachother. He stays over most days and takes up all her attention. She works as a nurse so she works shifts days and nights so I barley see her. Recently her and my brother have fallen out he’s moved out and got his own family and so has my sister. I feel like I have no family and I don’t have a mother anymore because I don’t see her anymore. I’ve been home alone for longer then a week now with her coming in/out for a day then leaving to go somewhere else with him. Last weekend they went to see take that togeather for three days. She came home and he was with her and at our house that evening. The next day the left and stayed in a caravan for a week and they got home yesterday and they have just left to go and help my auntie park and move house. It’s like I’m constantly fighting for attention. I’m currently studying my A levels and I’m not sleeping very well when I’m home alone and my emotions are all over the place and I don’t know what to do. I get angry and the slightest thing, I cry because I feel so lonely I don’t have a family anymore and I don’t feel like I have a mum.

Please help me

thank you


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Hello Mollie,


I'm sorry you feel lonely right now and that your Mum isn't giving you much time right now. That must be really tough considering you are also trying to cope with your parents split.

It sounds like they may be together and that your Mum is also hurting right now and looking for support from her break up. I would recommend that you don't read her messages because not only is that making you feel crap but it's also because it is her privacy as well to stop any arguments between you too.


I know it feels like you are being replaced right now but I am sure your mum still loves and cares about you. Could you write her a letter telling her that it is affecting your studies and you would really appreciate if she could be home a bit more?


Do you have a group of friends you could talk to about this? Maybe ask one of your friends if you could sleep round their house when you are feeling lonely?


We're here for you, good luck with your A-levels!





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