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So, I'm 13 and, is it to early for me to decided wheather I'm straight, bisexual or a lesbian? And if I am a lesbian or a bisexual then how will I know?

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Hello @Mammu



There is no 'right' age for anyone to decide on their sexuality, it will be a different age for everyone and thats because everyone develops at different ages - some people know at 11 and other people at 30. You will know if you're bisexual or lesbian if you have romantic or sexual feelings for women. Also remember that through your teen years when you are developing and your hormones are surging it's not unusual to have sexual thoughts about people of both genders. It is a journey and as long as you go into it knowing that whatever you do feel is normal and try to not judge yourself.



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There is no specific age where you are allowed to know your sexuality, i figured out my sexuality 2 years ago when i was 12, i figured out i was lesbian then, if you have feelings for both genders you are bi, if you have feelings just toward women your lesbian and if you have feelings for just guys then your straight

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