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How do I make more friends?


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I'm quite the introverted highschool and can count the amount of friends I have on one hand. I was wondering ways I could break out of my shell and finally start to meet people. Most people at school stray away from me though because I stay alone so they figure that's all I ever really do.

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Hey there @localanimal


With friends I think it's all about quality over quality and i've always heard that you should be able to count your close friends on one hand so don't feel like you are behind others.


But if you are having an urge to break out and meet new people then this is great! Are there any clubs, societies or groups at your school or after school where you could meet some new people?


As for talking to people its good to ask people questions about themselves, like what music they are into, or what they would like to do in the future.



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