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I'm 15 and bisexual but my parents don't know. I have always been open with my parents whenever I am dating someone of the opposite sex but this is my first time "talking" to the same sex. I want to date her but I'm not sure if I should behind my parents back.

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Hey there @ahoney


A big welcome to you from our community.


What an interesting question. It really depends what kind of relationship you have with your parents and whether it would be an issue for you for them not to know? If it is just at the beginning stage then maybe you don't need to tell them until you have figured out what it means for you.


How would it feel to tell them for you?



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Hello @ahoney


If you suspect that you may not have the most positive outcome then it is perfectly okay to wait and not add any added extra pressure into your dating life. I didnt come out to my mom until I was 25 and that worked for me.


It's your journey.



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Like Remi said, it's totally okay not to tell them. It's your sexuality, your choice, your relationship, your choice. No one is forcing you to tell them.

My friend is in a relationship, she has a girlfriend and has done for a year or so now. Her parents have no idea. It's tricky sometimes to keep it separate from home, from her parents, but she manages it and still has a full relationship with her girlfriend. I hid my sexuality for years, I'm bisexual, maybe gay lol I dunno yet, but I didn't tell mine for ages. I kinda accidentally told my mom which is a different story haha. But if you find that you really really want to tell them, there are a number of ways you can:

- Text them,

- Write a note,

- Hold up a piece of paper that says you're in a relationship with a girl,

- Talk in the car about it,

- Go for a walk and tell them.

But still you don't have to,. It's your choice. But also, don't let them be a barrier to love; if you want to go with the girl, do it. They can't stop you feeling what you feel at the end of the day, yeah?

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