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Trouble finding out what's my sexuality.


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Hey! I'm a 15 y.o. girl. My whole life I have thought of myself as a straight person, but recently I've started to question myself. I am sexually attracted to women's body, but not mentally. It all sounds confusing, trust me I know. I love masculinity and men, but at the same time I can't imagine being with men, it's just disgusting. I'm pretty sure that I have daddy issues and that has something to do with it. So the problem is, I don't know whonto identify as. Most "tests" on the internet say, that I'm bisexual, but I don't really agree. And in my opinion I'm not asexual either(?). I would like to cuddle or something with men, but I can't see sexual interaction, and I can't imagine having any other romantical relations to women than sexual intercourse. So, anyone has any ideas or just wants to say something?

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@maymay YOU define your sexuality but bisexual is not limited to just liking both genders. You saying that the tests say you are bi makes sense. For me, i like men mor then women (im male 14) but i still identify as bi, you don't need to define that but if you want to then id say it sounds like asexual with men and purely sexual with women

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Hey there @maymay


I would always take quizzes with a little pinch of salt as they will never be able to fully tlel you who you are or who you are sexually attracted to. If you sexually attracted to women then it is unlikely you are asexual. We will all have a gender that we lean more towards or feel more attracted to so it doesn't suprise me there.


You very well could be bisexual if you feel attracted to both genders but if you wouldn't want to be sexual with either right now. Your teenage years are really for exploration and maybe you don't have an answer right now but the best way to figure that confusion out is to experiment and carry on talking to people like you are now. No matter what you chose to identify as it is entirely you choice and you are the only one who can say. It's just as Silas said. No one puts neatly into boxes and you can chose to identify however you would like while you explore your sexuality.


I hope this helped in some way!



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Firstly, you define it. Fudge what the internet says, you define it. But at the same time, who cares about a label (hence: Ditch the Label's name).


Now, my story might help you feel a little better:

So, I've been going as bisexual for a while, lately though (let's for the sake of this conversation give it labels) I've been wondering if I am lesbian. I'm extremely confused and sometimes feel a bit stupid by the specific things I like and dislike about men and women/the idea of having relationships with either sex.


Women: I'm attracted to women's bodies, definitely. I find many women hot, cute, and I can see myself in a same sex relationship. I truly can. I like everything about women's bodies, nothing really makes me shy away.

Men: I've found a few men hot over the years. I've only ever been truly attracted to two males though. One was a few years ago, one is right now who I'm dating. The one I'm dating now, we've been dating a few months, but I feel like it's lost it's spark, hence why I'm wondering whether I am gay or not. Odd things make me shy away from men: I don't really see myself kissing a man on the lips and, this is weird, but I really really don't like hairy armpits, and men tend to have that xD It's a weird one, but that really makes me shy away.


I would also much prefer to be in a same sex relationship. So....


Sexual intercourse: I seriously can't see myself having sexual intercourse with a male. I don't want children, I don't want sex, especially with a man. I'm not sure about a woman, but I do feel much less grossed out by the idea.


So, this is why I'm really unsure. Because everything points to gay, but then why have I liked two guys? Odd? Yep! But what I'm saying is, as tricky as it is to work out, it IS for YOU to decide. You don't have to go by 'bisexual', or 'gay', you could just say, sometimes I like guys more, or today I like girls a lot. I'm not sure if I've explained this all well, but I hope it helps in some way haha.

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