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My Friend and are close, but I'am worried about are friendship.Help I am insecure!


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Well, his name is Quinton. We live right by each other. I and Quinton almost never get bored. We are friends ever since he moved here. The weird thing is I have dreamed were he moves and I just become depressed. We are just alike in looks. Their parents like me and my parents like him.

Rember we are 10-16 years old. I feel terrible after last night we had a sleepover in my finished basement. And I had a terrible just concoiuns that something bad would happen tonight wether that be me or him. What is weird is somthing did

I asked my parents if I could have a sleepover which ussally does not work out. So he comes over. Note: His brother told me he cried when his dad and mom made him pack up (which gave me the wrong message but he told me that was a lie). So we play video games till about 11:40. He falls asleep around 12:10, but I keep on thinking what if I do somthing enbarssing would he be done with me; I fall asleep around 12:50. He wakes me up or I wake up naturally around 4:30ish. He says he spilled propel on him he says he is soaking wet, we had water down their. So he goes home we did alot last night.

So he goes home (He lives two hoses down) I help him get his shoes from upstairs and he leaves without my parents knowing down the basement door. I can't exactly see anything on him though it smell a little werid, I thought nothing of it. I wake up sad and questioning myself. My parents ask me, I say he could not go to sleep. His mom, Mollary. Asked me what happend. But they say nothing though my dad drops a hint about somthing. Are sleeping bag he used as a matress on top of his blanket. I figure it out he pissed himself last-night little of his propel I gave him is gone. So my parents clean it. I fell terrible amagine your a middle schooler, and you peed your self at your friends house. You are drenched in peed. You wake in pee at 4:30 you are trying to make an excuse.

So you don't embarrass yourself. Your doomed to know your friends parents will know.

So to rap this up. His mom texted mine and asked if I knew and said he was crying of embarrasment. I said nothing about it. I struggle should I tell him. I feel guilty about not telling him, Thanks for anyone with advice!


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Hello @tryingtofindmyplace


So from what I understand your friend may have wet the bed or had what is called a 'wet dream' last night. It is very very common for young men to have this and although it feels very awkward, it happens a lot more often than we think and it is nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about.


Your friend is probably really embarassed and the best thing you can do for him is to just not bring it up today or at least if he brings it up let him know that you won't gossip about him or tell people as it really isn't a big deal.



When you said you did things, what is it that you did? You won't be in trouble.




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