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I think I might be bisexual but my parents are kinda homophobic?


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I first thought about being bi when I watched Thor:Ragnarok. Loki walked on screen and of course I was like "Holy crap"​​​​​... Then Hela shows up and I was like "*holy crap*" and then Valkyrie shows up and I was like "*HOLY CRAP*"... I dunno, did I just make things weird?


Therefor, I started looking stuff up. Bisexual seems to define me best, but I don't think my parents will react well if I tell them. Just had another conversation about how "people can choose their sexuality and trans people are too complicated." We are religious, and I am not sure if Christianity counts Bisexuality as a sin or not? If it is, how can I get rid of it? Is my brain really just looking for extra attention or is this legitimate? I moved to a country where

​homosexuality is still illegal and punishable by death if you aren't beaten to death by homophobes first. I'm not really sure if I even have any friends I could talk to, seeing as one of them is native to my country and the other already has a lot of stress dealing with LGBTQ+ stuff. Please help.

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I am currently going through the same thing, I have had a conversation with my parents about having "girl crushes" and idk if that means they are homophobic or not. I personally am waiting til I can move out to tell them so i don't get disowned without anywhere to go. The big problem with your situation is that you live in a country that doesn't tolerate people like you and that isn't very fair. I suggest that until you know for sure, don't come out to anyone.

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Hello @AriaBee and @lynxkate101


Thanks for you advice Kate, i'm sorry you feel like you can't come out to your parents. For both of you I know you want to share who you are with the people that you love but your personal safety has to come first in every situation.


Try to find online communities like this one Aria Bee that are annonymous where you can be yourself. I don't agree with the laws in your country and I hope one day they change the laws around homosexuality. Because it is natural and it is not a choice.


Sending lots of positivity your way,



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