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Does anyone feel bullied or excluded in the work place?


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I was being bullied so badly at work that I had to take 2 weeks off from work. I got members of corporate and HR involved. I felt my store manager wanted me to quit by the statements he made. I felt for him it would be easier than to address any issues with my co-workers. In one incident this girl was talking and treating me like I was a dog. I expressed to her how it hurt and instead of just apologizing she laughed in my face. When I went to my store manager, (we have an open door policy) he told me that I was making serious allegations and he didn’t consider it bulling. I started to cry and insisted that he get her to stop. He told me that no one else at work had complained of any bulling happening or came to him when it happened. Then he told me how the girl I was accusing of bulling was only 16 years old and this was her first job and she was “trying to discover herself�. Now after saying all this to me he dismissed me from his office, end of discussion. I felt even more deflated and helpless... then more bulling continued from other coworkers. I couldn’t take any more and had reached my breaking point. That’s when I got corporate involved. I’m still dealing with them when it comes to my job. It’s been at least two months and after the 2 weeks off I took (insisted by my doctor), I then returned to work. The corporate office decided to cut my hours in half. This was there way of trying to fix the problem by me not having to work with one of the main bullies (a shift manager that would open or closed the store). I don’t understand why there is so much talk in schools and in the work places about how they don’t tolerate any bulling and how everyone has the right to feel safe in their environment, although, once it happens the bully doesn’t get anything more than a “talk�, a “slap on the hand� or nothing happens and the people who are suppose to protect you just turns a blind eye.

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Hello @Leef


Welcome to our community. It sounds like this had been a really tricky situation for you. I'm sorry you haven't had more support from your HR department. Could you try getting a note from your drs. saying that you were signed off with stress and send this to corporate - they have a responsibility to look after the welfare and mental health of their staff and it is always best practice to have everything in writing so you have a paper trail of everything that has been said.


I know it feels like a daunting option but could you try speaking to the girl again and seeing if you could start a-fresh - here's an article on conflict resolution that may help. - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/speak-anyone-anything-conflict-resolution/



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