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Being trolled in a game


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Hi, so I didn't really know where to put this. I'm being trolled by a guy and his friends in a game that I play. Whenever I switch servers, IDK how but he can usually find me. They keep attacking me and shouting on mic and IDK what to do? it actually makes me feel like I dont wanna play anymore and I used to enjoy the game so...

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Hey Zayn,


That really does suck, what game do you play? I've had friends who have gone though similar things on a game called FFXIV.


You said about switching servers so I assume it's some sort of online game.


Have you tried contacting in game support? I know that when I've had trouble in games.. speaking to in game support can be helpful, especially if you have as much information about what's been happening so that you can tell them.




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Hey @Zayn


I agree with Curley, try contacting in game support you shouldn't have to feel like you can't play the game because of people trolling.



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