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Any ideas on how to meet LGBT people and where?


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Hi! I live in Italy, in a big city but still I can't find a way to meet someone gay. There aren't any clubs in my school and no official campaigns in the city. There's the Pride in June but that's all. I haven't found any forums or anything like that. I'm not out of the closet so getting to know people at school is not the way out. Even if you don't live in Italy, do you know other ways, maybe online too?

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Hey Ann,


Have you tried adding yourself to the pride groups on facebook and then doing a post on there? There also might be some forums out there too?



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Well, the easy way is to see whether you happen to run into anyone during everyday life. For example, during my last year of high school, my best friend came out as transgender. This was at a time I thought I was bisexual. When I finished high school, I moved to Sixth Form. Here, in my geography class, a pupil with a nearby high school came to the class. We became really close and it turned out she is lesbian. This helped me even more. I then found that my transgender friend was pansexual, and then I came out as bisexual, although now I'm thinking I'm pansexual as we're in a relationship. In short, you're likely to come across someone somewhere.

Another way, social media. I don't know how well this can work, but I have met people off social media. So, you could use, for example, Instagram and follow a bunch of LGBTQ+ accounts and see if you can get to know anyone closely.

Another way, find a Pride social event/festival/convention, and go to it! You could also go to a Comic Con, as there are sometimes LGBTQ+ stands there, see if you can have a conversation with the stall owner, or anyone buying stuff.

Another way, you could use this site and get to know someone. There's probably a Discord (a social media) server you can join for LGBTQ+ people, so you could get to know people that way.

Choose a way that you feel comfortable doing. You will quite likely run into someone LGBT in the future. Plus, you never know - like myself - a friend could be LGBT but just aren't confident in saying so. You never know :)

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your reply, Marv! I'll try those things!

you're most welcome! :D

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