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How should I tell a girl I like her ?


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I have told 3 people I'm bi my two best friends and my crush. My friends took it really well and the girl I like is gay so she was super supportive. I really like this girl but she has no idea. The thought of telling her scares me. I don't know what to do/ Also any tips for coming out to friends and family

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I recently got into a relationship, and from it we realised we both liked each other for a while. There are numerous ways you can tell someone you like them, and also ways to come out - I came out to my mom yesterday.


The way myself and my boyfriend told each other we liked each other was over text. I asked, out of curiosity one evening, 'do you like anyone in sixth form?' (sixth form is just the two years above high school here). He said yes. I said yes. We then turned it into a silly guessing game, giving each other clues on who it could be. It got to a point where we could both see it was each other, so said so. So, one way you could do it: if you have her number, just ask her if she happens to like anyone in your year group (or whatever / whereever you are). It could be a way that may end how you want it.

In addition, you could use the method of telling her straight; something like: 'Hey, I'm really happy you're supportive of my sexuality. I've been wanting to tell you for a while that actually I really like you. I was wondering if you felt the same?' something like that. You could do this over text or face to face.


Coming out to family/friends:

Come out to people you trust first - which you have done with your friends, like you said. Assuming your family aren't clearly super homophobic, you could start a general conversation about an LGBT topic. Pretend to talk about someone who's gay at school, not a real person, just make something up if you want, and see how they react. If they react well, you then know its 'safe' to come out. You could carry on the conversation and explain, or text it later to them. You could, when walking with them, just throw it out there. I did it through walking home with my mom. We were talking about relationships and stuff, and I thought 'F**k it' and told her that I wasn't straight and was in a relationship.

Some people tell their parents in the car, dunno why, but they do. As I said you could text them, leave a note. You could text them whilst you're out somewhere so you don't see their initial reaction. There's a way for everyone :)



I came out to those I trust dearly. You can start by doing that, which you've done. I've bought myself an LGBT necklace and a bisexual tshirt and badge. You could do this and wear them to school - if you can. I'm doing this to gradually, and subtly, bring it to people's attention. Alternatively, you could be open and honest. For example, in conversations about being straight, my friend has literally out of the blue just gone ''I dunno, I'm pansexual so'', and then ignored the rest of the conversation. And just like that, they know. So it depends how confident you are, how happy you are sharing. But there are sooo many ways.


I'd also say follow your instincts. I feel not many people truly follow their instincts. When I was walking with my mom, mine told me to spill all the beans, so I did. It felt good. Even if she didn't like it (she was fine with it all) I'd have still been proud of myself. You know? So, what I mean is: there will be a time when you believe you can do it; when your instincts say you can and must do it, THAT is when you do it.


Hope this helps. It's long, sorry, but I hope it helps. Lots of love! :)


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