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Should i put makeup and change my hairstyle ? I'm confused .Need help :(


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I'm a simple girl, I don't put makeup, I don't know even how to do it, I don't wear new fashion clothes or an expensive one, I rarely go to shopping. Actually, I dislike my appearance, my face, my teeth, and my body. My appearance makes me feel down a lot of times, I'm single for a long time ago, I can't meet new guys. I'm lonely, I have no friends. My family members always criticize me and my appearance, despite they know I don't have enough money to make a change. Now I got my first official job. I want to work to make money and start my business, but I feel like I should spend money first to change my appearance, I'm confused! Should I spend money to make my appearance better ? Or keep it and don't care about others opinions because I know I will use it to start my new project. (Sorry for my weak English)



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1 thing i learnt about my appearance is u have to do it for u. if something makes u unhappy and u are able to, change it. don't ever do it for anyone else. also i think its normal to get fed up sometimes and want some change and normal to change ur style/hair etc. sometimes. ive done it quite a bit tbh

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Hey @evaty


Sorry to hear you are feeling like this. Please do not change yourself, you are you, which is unique, beautiful and special. Chances are if you change something you still won't be happy and you would have wasted your money. Self love comes from inside, it's about challenging that voice in your head that is saying all these horrible things to you that aren't true.


Congratulations on the new job, thats amazing, what business would you like to start?


P.s. your english is great!



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