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  2. I'm 22 (F) and it feels so so annoying when guys ask "who's that hot girl who was beside you ? Is she single ? She is my crush" .. really lowers my self esteem,makes me secretly hate on that innocent girl,depresses and disappoints me when all they ever want with me is sex and not a relationship. Some days I'm like ugh fuck love I don't need a man but when I see these couples at work or guys asking about other girls and not about me it saddens me and my brain keeps telling me "it is because you're ugly" ... and the saddest part is that I can't even change the way I look or get someone to crush on me ... I hate the way I look . Yes I'm slim and I like my figure but my face is what I hate the most ... I just want to enjoy my youth doing things I love but having someone who had eyes only for me wouldn't be too bad .. but I guess because of my appearance I will always be that girl who will be asked about other chicks but not for me .. it feels like I am asking for too much wanting a little love .. I wish I was the most beautiful girl in the room ... I feel pathetic even writing this but I just can't take it anymore ...
  3. vega

    Have to make this quick

    that sucks, I'm also supposed to wait till im older to 'fully understand', but the thing is being straight could also be a 'phase'.
  4. vega

    Laughing at pain

    The sort of funniest thing about it is that the school talks about how they have a no tolerance for bulling, what is going on then?
  5. Pkelly


    I’m good thank you, cool
  6. Thisboiistrans


    Also I'm not gonna be online as much Gonna savour my hols
  7. Thisboiistrans


    Good thanks and yourself?
  8. Pkelly


    How are people?
  9. I'm in a bit of the same situation right now. It's so so draining becuase one day you're their favorite person and the next you don't exist. It's like, just because we're introverted we get punished for no reason for not always being the life of the party, even though we're such nice people and try so hard to make them happy. It's mentally exhausting to hang out with "friends" like these.
  10. I had made an amazing new group of friends this year and I really loved them and i thought they loved me to. I noticed that they started hanging out without me, a lot. So i asked the girl I was closest to what was happening and first she made up excuses, then told me the actual reason of "They feel like I dont like them." I'm an introvert so it takes me awhile to warm up to people and I was just starting to have fun with them and now idk what's happening. Now she's acting like nothing happened and it's so confusing.
  11. I have this friend that I met technically on the first day of college, also the first person I spoke to. In that first week, things were pretty good between us you know, I thought we could be good friends because well she even asked for my number so I just thought I've met a really good friend. But as time went by, things just got weird between us. Having a conversation with her just got so hard, even walking down the hallway with her was just awkward. It's like we never had anything to talk about, and every time I tried to bring up a topic, she just kinda shuts it out. But we had our moments, there were some great days when she was a good friend but other times, it's like I'm holding onto something that doesn't exist. She even thinks I behave like a child, judging everything I do, and always says it's childish. She calls me childish just because I'm shy. Like is that even right? She's also never invited me to hang out with her no matter how many times I invite her. I just don't know if she's a friend cause I'm sick and tired of the on-and-off friendship. I just want out
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  13. Piper

    Laughing at pain

    Oh my gosh I get that so much! The teachers in my school adore the most rude, disrespectful and downright rude person in the class!
  14. Piper


    >> Update! So a teacher talked to the class…nothing happened so I’m hoping they are gonna stop.
  15. VIVIEN_

    Back from vacation

    Hi, I just got back from a 4 day vacation. It was really fun if you don't include the fact that I got really sick the last day. Still recovering but I do feel better. We visited my grandma for her birthday, and spent some time at the beach. We went on a dolphin cruse a saw a pod of dolphins. They got really close to the boat. I really enjoyed it but I'm glad to be back. Soon my family has to go to a picnic, Im not allow to go since I'm sick. Anyway, bye.
  16. _Alex_

    General chit chat!

    Hey @-Axel- Hope ur doing well :) Still here btw lol Stay safe <3
  17. Ok update, I sent her a very long message on how I felt about her and she asked me to be her girlfriend I said I want to say yes but I’m scared. So what do I do I’ve never been in a relationship before so I’m just scared of it like I don’t know how to date. Should I just go for it ?cause I don’t want to keep her waiting.
  18. Pkelly

    Hi :)

    Hey, if you have any questions or just wanna let things out we’re here to listen x
  19. Alr so it took me a while to figure out who I was I liked women but at the same time I was supposed to be straight so I gave it some time and I let my heart chose it’s path and I looked into the lgbtq+ couminty and figured out who I was how I was and what is was so what I’m saying is follow the path you’re heart guides you and don’t let other’s opinions change who or what you like.
  20. Last week
  21. I suppose with me not always feeling confident in my own skin on some days can have a little bit to do with it. It its more tho. There something more because i feel the same way with everyone and nor just me. Like the time I used the locker room at are school for the first time. I was scared that everyone would be "changing changeing" in the locker rooms and stareing at me. (Which wasnt the case at all). Mabey what gets me so uncomfortable with r3pr0du#t!ve 0rg@ns/p@r+$ and p#b3rty. Even if i happends to everyone, its also in the same way private and showing all dirograms and photos to me feels like im invadeing that sence of privacy? Im sorry this must sound really dumb and makes no sence at all. Im probably wroding this so wrong. Thats the best way I could but my feeling into words.
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