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  3. Do whatever you think is best. :)
  4. so... it's not awkward. Her and I still talk almost every day. She is so beautiful. I don't even know how I didn't realize that I liked her sooner. I have been seriously considering coming out to my parents but I feel like I still need more time. I came out to one of my best friends and she said nothing. It was in a weird situation so I don't blame her. It was also a Friday so I won't see her until Monday. I can't really fully come out until I am out to my parents. There is only one issue, one side of my family is homophobic, but that shouldn't matter, right? I feel like my parents should know though. I don't really like keeping these kinds of things from them. It hurts me. I don't even know how to tell my parents honestly, any advice? I really want to. I love them both so much. I know that I would get judged by the rest of my family, but I just want my parents to know. It would mean the world to me if they knew and are okay with it. I just want to wait a few more weeks to tell them and accurately understand my sexuality so I can say it with confidence.
  5. I, personally, ship SoKeefe. Anyone else read stellarlune and wanna gossip about >Chapter 42< the most amazing chapter to have ever graced the world of fiction?
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  12. thank you so much! :) it was actually really fun <3 i understand why you're concerned abt it. i mean i had the same problem, but i decided it was my prom, not my parents', and i was gonna wear what i felt comfortable in. fortunately, it went alright and my parents didn't say anything, but i know that i got very lucky and not everyone can have that. turns out having a friend over while you're getting ready is a good idea! i definitely recommend that. you can also go over to your friend's house and change there? or eventually, if you think your parents would make it unsafe for you if you were to wear a suit, but you definitely don't want to wear something else, you could always try to skip prom, pretend you're sick or just not go
  13. Heyy @BreeKJM123, I am Luie, one of the support mentors with Ditch the Label. Thanks for mentioning the exact definitions of some of the identities that you have mentioned. To add to this for @Crystaliana I do want to say that I hear you in terms of your internal conflicts with the pressure of having to figure out, however, know that sexuality exists on a continuum and there might very well me times where you feel 'in-between' something or perhaps not feel anything at all, or maybe all. Whatever it might be it's all normal and okay, the label you choose for yourself can change over time according to the connections you come across in your life. About what you mentioned in terms of working towards becoming a social worker? Firstly, that is awesome! It's such as noble progression to go in, what made you choose this career pathway for yourself? I did want to say that I admire your insight into wanting to know more about yourself so that it translates into your training and work, but also, a gentle reminder that do give yourself the space to explore and gradually build compassion towards your journey, everything is figureoutable, it doesn't have to be right away though. How does this all sound to you? P.s. If I've misunderstood anything, please do correct me. Thank you.
  14. Heyy @learningbrain, Thanks for clarifying that there is no abuse in the relationship and you are right that she could be suffering from a fever because she is unhappy in her relationship. She is lucky to have a caring friend like you in her life. How is all of this impacting you?
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    If anyone has gotten bullied before here is a thing for those people: A. Bad=depression B. Really Bad= don't want to get out of bed and go to school C. SUPER Bad= Where you wanted to do something other than kill the person who made you miserable and or kill yourself? Because I have, but not from people at school, if was from home, and I had to put on a fake happy face when I went to school. What about you guys? Comment down below what your answers are. Please and thank you. -BreeKJM123
  15. And have you reported this person (or people)? If so, has anyone done anything about it??
  16. Do you like boys/men? Do you like girls/women? If you like both than u are bai, if u just like girls u are lesbian, and if u just like guys than u are just straight.
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