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  2. Im_fine_

    Something you thought when you were younger

    My family used to tell me that it was illegal to turn on the interior car lights while someone was driving. They said if I did the cops would pull us over! Took me 16 years to find out it was a lie!!
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  4. Monsoon

    Problems with parents (but it might be one-sided)

    No worries! If you need more support, you know where we are :)
  5. Tristian I Bel

    chit chat

    how are you today @SCARE?
  6. Tristian I Bel

    chit chat

    oh SORRY I didn't get a notification that you answered. my bad
  7. Tristian I Bel

    Panic attacks

    of course and yeah thanks, mental illness isn't very acceptable with my dad specifically so it's never felt right to express my feelings because I feel like they won't understand, which they most likely won't. For example, in February 2019 my parents were fighting for a while, and a little bit after that was over, I had a breakdown in front of my mom, just collapsed on the floor and started sobbing. it's alarming because I don't cry much, I've never seen the reason why I needed to dwell on tears, but sometimes I was just so overwhelmed that that was the only way I could react. my mom wanted an answer to why I was crying, but I didn't know why either, and she kept trying to get an answer which made me feel worse. eventually after a long while she left me alone. not too soon after that, she made me go to virtual therapy for 2 years. I had a counselor I trusted very much in middle school, or 8th grade, I should say. I'm sad I can't reach her because I moved to another area from her, and if I must be frank I don't trust any of the counselors in my new school, I think a lot of people here are racist, because there aren't many Hispanics here and whenever they see one they're shouting stereotypes and the counselors show their subtle but obvious signs how they're picking on me just because I made a joke the same person next to me made, but somehow I'm in the wrong for it and not them? no, I don't think I could talk with them without getting upset. I would like to talk because I'm a rambler as you can already tell but I'm glad your willing to listen to me
  8. Hamido

    My past ruined my reputation

    I am also not sure if they will continue making fun of me, but what i know is i think my school friends that i usually hang out with found out about it already, but idk if they really know, but if they know, the good thing is it's the weekend so I'm not going back to school so fast yet. So, it's Someone(that i usually hang out with at school) posted a story( conversation ) on her second account (which is more private account) that includes another friend of mine saying " i think a lot of people had seen it already" then the one posted the story said " if xx knows that i have seen it" "I'm so dead" (she covered it so i can't see what she wrote but I think it's a name, so yea xx) then the person says " haha who knows" then the person posted the story sent two voice message, and the other person said "who knows, it haven't even started but already ended" "sure enough is a name of my friend's wife" I could say I'm doing better, but I have gained a lot of weight:( But, one of the boys were away today at school, so i had thought of otherwise ( homeschool) , things were more peaceful, i can't really decide whether to quit school, but If i do quit I'll miss all the highschool moments. It depends on how is the situation when the boys are back here. Or if my friends will understand me
  9. Chant

    Mom jut found out

    As far as I know the rest of her family is semi okay with it & a lot of them did know. I doubt if they will be able to influence her but there is always a chance I guess... She is very strong so I believe she will stand her ground. Everyone says time will change things... I truly hope so. There is a lot of advantages, it would change the whole dynamic of our relationship if we could be freely out & freely us & love each other freely, not just in private. Also it would take a lot of strain off both our mental health. I am a severe depression & anxiety sufferer & she loves to overthink so we always had a challenge in hiding our true selves when around her family because it brought an element of being untrue to each other even in our private lives, which caused a lot of strain & overthinking & led to arguments. So I would say that the biggest advantage is us, just being us, without hiding it. It would make so many things easier....
  10. Catsup

    My past ruined my reputation

    I'm happy to hear that your friend was mostly supportive, even though it might not have been perfect. It sounds like you're doing an amazing job handling all this. You're thinking of your options to deal with things very carefully and you're avoiding feeding into the boys' negative behavior. We can't always predict if they will continue or not, but it seems you have backup plans and a healthy outlook on the situation considering how difficult it has been. Would you say you are doing a lot better? And do you feel the need to have an exact plan moving forward right now? Do keep letting us know how we can best support you.
  11. Catsup

    Playing with my emotions????

    That's a difficult place to be. In relationships we invest a lot of time and emotional energy, which can make it hard for either person leave. But it's also important for you to look after yourself first, so I wonder what your goal might be in this situation? For example, would you want to leave the relationship if you felt like you were able to?
  12. CyranTheCat

    Ruined Wishes

    Granted, but it’s ur least fav i wish my mom could stop bugging me about ‘how young I am to be doing *this*’
  13. Aurora


    Haha, that's good to hear!! Have you got anything in particular on your mind right now?
  14. Aurora

    Mom jut found out

    Hi there, I can totally understand, why you are concerned. It's difficult for you, because you're probably not part of the conversations she is having with her family. Is that right? In that case you don't know, what they are saying and if her family are trying to influence her in any way. I think the fact that they are a tight knit family might be a good thing though. I'm assuming this means that her mother ultimately wants her to be happy. Even if her mother didn't react well initially, with time, her views might change and she will hopefully accept your girlfriend for who she is. The strong love parents have for their children can often help to transform their views. What do you think? Also, can you think of any advantages of her family knowing that you two are in a relationship?
  15. Aurora

    Panic attacks

    You're very welcome :) Thank you for sharing a bit more what's been going on for you. I'm sorry you've not had any support from your family - in fact it sounds like they might be making the situation more stressful for you by getting annoyed. Is that right? I'm wondering, how would you feel about speaking to someone outside your family, who might be able to support you with this? A school counsellor for example? You mentioned that you've experienced trauma in the past. They might be able to help you with this as well. What do you think? We're here for you as well if you would like to talk about it some more. We can either keep talking here or if you would prefer to talk about it more privately then we can also continue this conversation in confidential support. Whatever you would prefer.
  16. Chant

    Mom jut found out

    Hey Aurora, I really appreciate you coming back to me. I will ask her to get in touch with you. Yes, she is safe, they are a tight knit family & won't just abandon her. But I am afraid that in light of the circumstances I don't know how this will affect our relationship. It is hard for me as it is for her but I am breathing through it. My main concern is how we handle this going forward, after the so to say 'dust' has settled.
  17. Aurora

    Mom jut found out

    Hi there, I noticed that you are new here so I wanted to start off by saying welcome to the community! It's lovely to have you here . I'm Aurora and I am one of the support mentors here. I give support and advice to those who reach out to us. This is a really open, welcoming and supportive community. Just to let you know that if you ever want to talk about anything in private then you can send us a confidential support request. Just click on the confidential support request at the top of the page. Thanks for letting us know what's been going on. I'm sorry to hear that your girlfriends mother is extremely homophobic. I can imagine that this must be very hard on your girlfriend, like you said. Do you mind me asking if your girlfriend is safe at home, now that her mother knows? Maybe you could suggest to her that she joins our community so we can support her directly. What do you think? I can imagine that this must be hard for you as well. Can I ask how you are feeling? We're here for you.
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  19. Hey guys... So my girlfriend & I have been together for about 7 months. We are half way out, half way hidden mainly because her mother doesn't agree with her being a lesbian. She asked her directly are we together & my girlfriend has replied yes. She is extremely homophobic & this is very hard on my girlfriend. Please help...
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  21. Max.


    Just looking for a few friends we can talk about anything I don't really care
  22. Max.


    How are you today/night
  23. Tristian I Bel

    Panic attacks

    It's very interesting indeed especially since, because some memories are rather traumatic or overwhelming, my brain blocks that memory out so I wonder why I remember that day. I definitely have told my mom and they have witnessed my attacks but do nothing to help in that moment or at all. they don't even ask "What can I do in the moment or to help" and they just get annoyed by my "theatrics". my friends are aware and I have three friends who have anxiety attacks so they understand so do the rest of my friends but since I tend not to have panic attacks at school, if so only in the bathroom. I agree because if my time out I feel like I accomplished nothing and I want to have a life worthy of meaning. and thank you for responding and giving me advice, I really appreciate it
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