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For allies and actual Aromantic and Asexual pals
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  2. illumi
    yes. it also happened to be the day i have to take my last eng exam so that sucks but im looking forward to it
  3. goose_honk
    June/Pride month the 5th marks the first aromantic day of visibility! and just in case you’re a little confused since we had aro-spec awareness week in february,we had ace visibility day in april and then we have ace awareness week in october!
  4. illumi
    tbh i dont have anything to say to that. no matter what u do u likely wont change their mind so the only way out is sucking it up and ignore as much negativity as u can. maybe u can take a shot at educating them more but i doubt itll sway them anyway. sucks that it happened and gl in the future
  5. thatintrovertdownthestreet
    okay so all of you guys, hello for one :) I hope you all are doing amazing because you are amazing. Anyway, I identify as Demiromantic and Asexual (also panromantic) but uh my parents are still disappointed lol. Like okay, if you don’t want me dating girls bc that’s gay, but I don’t want to date anyway, and plus I need an actual connection for me to like someone, I identify as Demi and ace, and yet they still say that’s gay and bad I love my parents, don’t get me wrong, but idk how to deal with this…any suggestions? Also I apologize for the rant
  6. CoconutCultist
    Oml I can never go over to my guy friends house for this same reason!
  7. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    Hey, ru up right now?
  8. Hawthorne11
    Yeah I'm biromantic asexual, you can totally be on here.
  9. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    Are Asexual/Bi people allowed on this chat? Just curious
  10. illumi
    that happens with hetero relationships all the time. if a girl and a boy are friends they must be dating and if theyre already dating they must be having sex. its just a common stereotype thats quite hard to shake off for folks from older generations so i get the frustration
  11. illumi
    a thread for folks to share us their favorite aro/ace related websites. ill share some of mine too forums aven [asexual forum] arocalypse [aromantic forum] subreddits r/aaaaaaaarrrrro [aro meme sub] r/aaaaaaacccccccce [ace meme sub] r/aarrrooooooaaacceeee & r/aroacememes [aroace meme sub] r/aroaceteens & r/asexualteens & r/aromanticteens r/aromantic r/aromanticasexual r/asexual & r/asexuality other communities aspec board [pdb] aromantic board [pdb] aspec club [dtl] other websites aroace database aspec community & education club aurea[arospec educational site] aroacespec carrd [made by me!] will edit if more are found
  12. user_error
    asexual person entering the premises and ready to storm denmark armed with garlic bread and cake
  13. peanutbutterstruggles
    i'm reading the bone people by keri hulme and one of the main characters is asexual! it was written in the 80s but it's still pretty progressive for that time... it's more of adult fiction tho so for anyone who wants to read it, tw for SA, child abuse and explicit language
  14. illumi
    only coffee jelly is worth his time lmao. some aroacespec folks dont really enjoy the rep saiki gives them because they said hes emotionless and reinforces the stereotype that aroace people are heartless robots but he literally shows emotions and also appreciates his friends; he just rarely shows that affection [just like me fr] i dont get how people can dislike him. hes a chill dude
  15. A User
    omg i watched an episode of saiki K and HOOOOLY shit that's aro/ace coded hot girl: *has a crush on him* saiki: get off me you weirdo
  16. illumi
    any aro/acespec coded characters can do! its fine if their orientation is not directly established but the way they think and behave can buy into the aro/ace coding. such as elsa from frozen for example. shes pretty darn aro/ace coded. saiki too despite it being so fucking close to it being canon lmao
  17. Ghost of Rain
    How explicit does it have to be to count as canon? XD I recently read the book O Pioneers by Willa Cather. I'm pretty sure it was written before the term "asexuality" was invented, but it's... about as explicit as it can be in describing the main character (Alexandra)'s aromanticism/asexuality? She's repeatedly described as having never been in love or seen people as more than friends or workfellows, and by the end of the book she (spoiler) marries her friend. Their marriage is directly framed as being in opposition to the romantic relationships between other characters in the book, and they explicitly designate their relationship as a friendship and talk about that. Even in the movie, they don't add a whole lot of romantic framing to their relationship. I don't know, it seems very very aroace, at least as an a-spec person reading/watching it, even if not to all the allos who will ship a male and female character if they so much as look at each other (let alone marry each other). XD
  18. illumi
    cheerful aces needs more rep tbh. imagine having a sex repulsed ace character who jokes about having sex but they knows damn well theyre never going to do it and their jokes can get so bad to the point the people around them questions their sex averseness
  19. A User
    i hc kenneth from 30 rock as asexual, heteroromantic the vibes just feel right idk man not rlly
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