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If you consider yourself a nerd, or you are involved in fandoms considered nerdy, (or even just happen to know a lot about a specific topic or form of media) this is the place for you to talk with other like-minded fans. I personally love comics and superhero~supervillan type shows and movies. (DC for life) Feel free to join and discuss!
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  2. vega
    fyi guten tag is hello in german i read too much for my own good and i love science and math and school and i hate being social unless online also i hate gym and i am learning german i am the descendant of many germans who ran a church at one point a relative of mine discovered a dino i think
  3. -Leila-
    Well your here now. Hopefully you follow the rules lol
  4. Non-Binary Person Here
    I couldn't do anything on the site fo a day yeah
  5. user_error
    bye guys, and i'll see you guys around later @Luluu @Non-Binary Person Here
  6. -Leila-
    I missed u too. What happened? I saw you posted links to different zoom? Don't do it again otherwise you'll get permanently banned and I won't be able to talk to u
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