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Welcome to the invisible friends club. Got a friend no one else can see? Feel free to introduce them here and meet others like you! Love Cal_the_oyster and their invisible friend Poppy xx (Poppy)) Have a good day/night
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  2. Cal_The_Oyster
    Were so sorry! I've been really bad mentally. It's getting ok now but now I've got a fever
  3. Cal_The_Oyster
    *I put my head resting against yours* (poppy)
  4. -Lmnshrk-
    (Kaz) Hehe me too *Puts head on Poppy's shoulder*
  5. sflowergirl
    hiii thought I pop on and say hi anyone here?
  6. -Lmnshrk-
    (Kaz) *Cuddles Poppy* Hey bby Oh lol (And same)
  7. Elliot And Ellie
    Im reading a readers thearter soooo ill be back in a min
  8. Cal_The_Oyster
    We've missed everyone here as well! Glad to be back!
  9. Cal_The_Oyster
    *hugs you both back* (Cal) *Waits for Kazoo to come and hug me and pouts when she realises that CAL is getting more cuddles* (Poppy)
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