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  2. emnma
    im super late but my red emerald philodendron is my favorite rn just because its growing and it has lots of pretty redness to it right now! Flowers? probably begonia flowers just cuz i think its cool that they have separate flowers for the male and female parts
  3. -Leila-
    Been pretty good, you? Welcome back!!
  4. Wookiee
    Helllllooooooo Leilaaaa, I'm back! How's things been around here?
  5. Rileydoesntknow
    nah, i think rottweilers are blocky-er(idk if that makes any sense whatsoever)
  6. -Leila-
    People say she looks like a rottweiler
  7. Rileydoesntknow
    mm alright, Im better with cats than dogs
  8. -Leila-
    I will show u a pic my mum sent me <3
  9. Rileydoesntknow
    yep! border collie, thats so cool. i bet if you sent me a picture of a dog I couldn't name them
  10. -Leila-
    Either a border collie, or a sheep dog?
  11. Rileydoesntknow
    This is not her but a dog that looks really similar
  12. Rileydoesntknow
    cool! if i send a picture of my dog will you tell me what she is?
  13. Rileydoesntknow
    hehe, to the point you can name almost any rose breed? lol,
  14. Rileydoesntknow
    I love my roses like they are my children and take care of them better then I could take care of a real child, lol
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