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Hello! This is a tribe where we talk about the zodiac signs. You can join if you want.
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  2. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    Calling all Geminis in this tribe!!! Who’s a Gemini? I’m a June Gemini :)
  3. _Kai_
    Agreedddd, it also seems like August Leos are more stubborn then July Leos ngl
  4. 3asy
    So what I've found is that July Leos are a bit more outgoing than August Leos! Or I guess July Leos are a bit more stereotypical... Same findings or no?
  5. Bebop and Bebe
    heyyy guys whats everyone up tooo
  6. Olivia05
    HEYYYY!! Are you guys a January Aquarius or February?
  7. _Kai_
    Nah I 100% agree with that, people say we're the same but we're very different in how we think & act Tho I'd love to here ur opinion on how we're different :]
  8. 3asy
    Ok so is it just me or are July Leos different than August Leos :D- haha I'm a July Leo ︎
  9. _Kai_
    Sure I can try, whats it that u need help with?
  10. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    Also I love drawing
  11. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    I agree. Can u help me wth something?
  12. _Kai_
    Music & drawing are my personal favorites, writing I sometimes do but somehow horror stories are the easiest to write??? .,.
  13. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    O. M. G!!!!! We have so much in common! I love read writing and music. You?
  14. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    I'm bi. what are you?
  15. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    My bftf is my cousin on my dads side. She is awesome. I have a mom a dad and a little brother. I also just ate a peanut butter sandwich
  16. _Kai_
    I have ALOT of cousins, though I don't see most of em that often. I've got 6 siblings & my mom's best friend & her kids r counted as in the family as well, wby?
  17. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    What is ur family like? do u have siblings, couzins, special friends in the family?
  18. _Kai_
    Finally someone who thinks like me
  19. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    We so cool ^^^
  20. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    They hate us cause they aint us
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