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whether you have reptiles as pets or want them, or even just like looking at them this is the club for you, from cute geckos to angry hognoses this is the place to be!! *not recomended if you are afraid of spiders, snakes, frogs ect.
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  2. yes, I have a 3 dogs, 2 cats, and I hope to get another chameleon, an axolotl, and a cockatiel
  3. Hmmmmm, no that sounds good, not all reptiles lay as often as they are supposed too, it could just be that she doesn’t lay as much as a normal chameleon
  4. oh I forgot to mention that, she gets calcium every other, and D3 vitamin blend once a week. Do you think I should do it more?
  5. Is her food being dusted with any kind of calcium or vitamin supplement? That might help if it is not
  6. So... shes almost three and shes only laid unfertile eggs 2 or 3 times and i read they are supposed to lay 3 times a year? And I have a lay bin, and i feed her 5/7 days a week,( i dont feed her Wednesday or Saturday because i don't have time) shes on a regular misting schedule every 2 hours the mister turns on for about 20 seconds, and she has the proper lights. I'm just kinda worried.
  7. Some species of reptiles and amphibians have already gone extinct due to climate change and many species of them live on small islands that will be easily flooded due to rising sea levels. I want to know if anyone here has any endangered herps in their area whether that be from poachers invasive species or climate change and if you do what are they in my area we have the northern map turtle, long tailed salamander, checkered garter snake, and many others
  8. Of course this is half the reason I made the tribe but if I may ask why did you want to know
  9. I can send a article on them., but I have not personal kept themhttps://reptilesmagazine.com/uromastyx-care-sheet/
  10. My favorite reptile - Blue-eyed lucy (Leucistic Ball Python) I have to agree with ya Emberfrost12, my least favorite is also a - Cottonmouth because they're not adorable at all I just don't like they're style TvT
  11. My favorite is a…Alligator! I think they’re kind of cute My least favorite is a cottonmouth. I just don’t like them
  12. I live in Southern Alberta and it gets very cold, but also quite hot. We get all kinds of Garter/Garden snakes and lots of frogs by the river
  13. I live in the American Midwest in Kansas almost all prairie grass and sand hills so my area is I the range for American toads prairie skinks plains hognose snakes bull snakes ornate box turtles tiger salamanders and diamond back rattle snakes to name a few, now it’s your turn what notable reptiles and amphibians live in your area?
  14. Gaboon vipers only seen them in a zoo and on Clints Reptile but even if you get anti venom you will still loose a limb
  15. IDK but it totally freaked me out. I want you both to name 1 animal that freaks you out

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