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Discussing ADHD :)
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  2. AshtonBeach
    So much harder!!!!!!! Like ADHD Is so annoying
  3. elizabeth (Bluey)
    it does make life harder
  4. Emberfrost12
    Fidgets can either be the ultimate help or ultimate destroyer. For some reason, if I overfidget my brain just shuts down. Uhhh...idk what i'm doing here, but I do have adhd (of the inattentive kind). When I got the diagnosis, I did not believe them. Then I started occasionally commenting 'I have adhd' in conversation, and the people I talked to would just look at me and go 'no kidding' or 'we could tell.' Once again, I don't know what I'm trying to achieve by commenting this. oh well....
  5. Bootyyyshaker9000
    This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Hate
  6. Hannah R
    Yeh that's true people sometimes like to play with their hair, fidget and even sometimes just ask a teacher to go outside and get some fresh air
  7. -Aussie-
    I think my toughest challenge is in class when i am playing with a figet of something and i get in troble or when i can't focus in class then i have no clue what we are doing cause my brain went somewhere else. I don't know if these are big challenges but they are the only ones i can think of right now.
  8. Guest
    Hi Friends! What would you say are your toughest challenges you find with your ADHD? I thought maybe we'd share and offer advice to each other. I find it frustrating when someone is talking to me and my mind goes elsewhere. I miss most the conversation and my replies are on auto pilot.
  9. Guest
    I was quite young so I didn't really understand most of it, and there wasn't much awareness when I was growing up. My teacher would consistently kick me out the classroom for distracting other students, now that I am older I realise how truly unfair that was. Not everyone can sit and listen to a teacher speak for hours whilst remaining in silence and sat still. Being sociable is a really great trait, don't ever feel bad for it. There are many ways you can be supported in the classroom now if you are able to get a diagnosis. Happy to answer any more questions you may have :)
  10. _Kai_
    Ellooo! Hmmmm, are there any signs u noticed yourself having even before getting officially disgnosed?
  11. Guest
    Hey! I was diagnosed with ADHD over a decade ago. If you have any questions or want any advice I am happy to share :)
  12. _Kai_
    Ooo I shall rn, thank u for the idea!
  13. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
  14. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    ooh. Thats hard. there are also online doctor approved quizez. You could take one of those?
  15. _Kai_
    Thank youuuuuuu, & I've been wanting to see a doctor so ik if I have ADHD or not but like my parents are weird- to put it nicely, they're conspiracy theorists so its not always "easy" to go out
  16. Cinnamoroll_iwritebooks
    I have been dignosed and I think I can help. Something that has helped a ton is fidgets. I know that they are not a thing anymore, but they help alot. also maybe talk to your parents about getting an appointment with a doctor to see if you have ADHD
  17. _Kai_
    So I don't know 100% if I've been diagnosed yet (As I don't remember most of my childhood, & yes I'm saying childhood since I'm a teenager), but my mom says that me & my brother for sure have it, I've been wanting to get actually diagnosed so I'm not falsey saying I have smth I don't. But I'm almost certain I do, anyways I hate the fact that I do might have it since its so hard to focus & learn, constantly getting in trouble for not focusing/listening & that I'm too energetic to sit still, does anyone have any tips for coping with it?
  18. Monsoon
    Hey there, If you would like support from one of us mentors around this, please just let us know and we can go from there.
  19. MySchoolLesbianZ
    I haven't been diagnosed yet, so I hope it's okay that I'm here. ADHD runs in my family and my mom is a therapist who says she's 100% sure that I have ADHD. I want to get diagnosed, and I'm going to soon, but I don't want to take ADHD medication. I'm pretty sure I have other mental health stuff going on and I get panic attacks. I went to therapy when I was young and she was a horrible therapist. After weeks, she finally told my family that I was totally fine and mentally healthy, but it's been hard and I can guarantee it wasn't true then and isn't true now. I've struggled with many things, and I just don't know what I should do. Should I take ADHD medication once I get diagnosed, should I go to therapy, should I look into other things to help, what should I do?
  20. TheOriginalAxel
    Thank you for joining my group. I can understand exactly how you feel because I have been there my self since I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2012 and I always hated the fact that my friends would always label me as "the kid who needs help because they're special". @Monsoonwould you also be able to give advice and support please?
  21. Friendless
    I am new but i have been doing meds for as long as i have had it (for about 3 years) and have discovered some things i'm not a fan of like friend problems and self labels Am i the only one?
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