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About This Club

I have created this in the hope that if people want advice on going emo, they turn to this club for advice and support on how to do it.
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  2. _Kai_
    Also I am gonna try Emo/Skater and Indie aesthetics to see if they fit me, also my birthday I am able to get a haircut that I choose and highlights (I can't get colorful highlights, and I also can't get a "boy" style of a haircut which I think is Fu--ing dumb >:P) (sorry for the language).
  3. _Kai_
    Hmmm...are there any songs in particular? I know a couple I listen to ever so often (I am listening to them a lot more now)
  4. Harper
    I guess my advice would be to start listening to some emo music and see if you like it!
  5. _Kai_
    Are ya guys able to give me tips on going emo perhaps?
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