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We love those unappreciated animals that fall through the cracks from tardigrades to shoebills! (We accept all others also)
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  2. belleandsimba
    That was cool, I never knew how snakes digest their food after the eat it whole
  3. ArtemisArt
    Multiple species of snakes are known as egg eating snakes and all of them swallow eggs whole break them on a boney vertebrae projection wiggle to get the egg stuff out then spit up the shell, they also don’t have teeth and to defend themselves mimic the sound of a soft scaled viper
  4. ArtemisArt
    The Pipa Pipa toad lays eggs in its back and when they hatch the kinda burst out of the back
  5. Emberfrost12
    This lizard can walk on water, due to its webbed feet. It can run twenty feet (Just under seven meters) on its back legs before sinking.
  6. Emberfrost12
    Draco Volans' are lizards that can fly, or rather, glide. Their ribs expand outwards, and the flaps of skin catches the air. I'd write more, but I'm short on time...
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