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This is a club for the people on here who love musical theater and musicals and theater in general. I am a theater kid myself and I talk about musicals all the time. Those musicals normally consist of... Hamilton (Watching it for the first time with my best friend really soon.) Six the musical. (Anne Boleyn is my girl.) A tiny bit of Heathers (I haven't seen it, i have heard one song and I make references to that song. Bestie is going to watch it with me when i'm older.) Music Man (Every theater kid should know this in my opinion.) Newsies (Nuff said) Dear Evan Hansen (We've been way to out of touch, things have been crazy...) Wicked (I have heard literally two songs but i'm hooked.) And others. I love to find new musicals to listen to and obsess over. This is a space to talk about musicals and do silly things with the songs, like put them through google translate/deepl way to many times, it is a lot funnier than it sounds. I also absolutely love to just randomly break out in song with my besties. We do it a lot, i'll make a list of the ones we have done.
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