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Welcome to EXPRESS! Where you can chat about literally anything related to art. Enjoy! This photo was taken by: Photo by Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash!
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  2. Emberfrost12
    I thought it was express as in 'express train'. I only just now realized that it's express as in 'express yourself'
  3. sflowergirl
    if you look at this without smiling you are a god! hv a great day/night /afternoon yinz!
  4. Spy
    Anthem of the angels is a really good song. Kinda sad tho... I'm not much into rock or rap myself, but other than that I listen to everything from Irish pop to Italian arias. If you like choral music I would suggest the vocal majority. Their Xmas music is really good
  5. LemonboyEmmy
    Waterparks is really fun, but not really one genre per say. I will always promote YUNGBLUD and Panic! at the Disco too
  6. identitykitty
    Everyone drop their fav songs. I'm looking for new genres or great songs from genres I already know. I like rap and rock a lot, sometimes r&b. I would appreciate suggestions from those categories or maybe even new genres. Thanks!
  7. Swayamprabha
    Has anyone of you ever tried freelancing your art? I am trying to do that and just want to gain some insight.
  8. SylvieFromLoki555
    Hi! I feel like I haven't talked or anything in a while. How is everyone?
  9. Bisexual_Blob
    OFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so good :')
  10. SylvieFromLoki555
    I love that gif! Your motto is amazing!! Have you listened to Lover, by Taylor Swift? It's really inspirational!
  11. Bisexual_Blob
    Spread the Love! Add messages for others to read and make them smile! You are enough. Don't let anyone tell you your not.
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