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Do you have a story that you have kept to yourself that you think your parents or grandparents or anything won't support? Feel free to drop in and tell your story. We will listen and will not judge because we all have a story.
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  2. Nerd
    I’ve got a crush but I’m not allowed a boyfriend for religious reasons. I mean I’ve liked him for a while. We’re sort of friends. He is my new friends ex she doesn’t mind but I struggle to make friends what if she is secretly angry.
  3. urfavekpopstan !
    Also late, my pronouns are she / her and I enjoy physical activties, I do cross country, calisthenics, and lift
  4. BusinessBee
    Hey! I know Im late but my pronouns are he / him. I also like Minecraft and singing.
  5. Monsoon
    Hey there, As we are talking about this on the other topic, I'll reply there. Speak soon :)
  6. Emberfrost12
    I can already sense that it’s s going to be a long day, and it’s only 8:17. (I’m at school forty minutes early) I just feel mentally exhausted…
  7. Monsoon
    Hey @MimeNegative I just want you to know that I've sent a message to check in.
  8. Monsoon
    Hey there, Thanks for sharing your story. I know we've talked at length before, but I just want to check, how is your wellbeing at the moment? Also, how is your friend doing who revealed his suicidal thoughts/feelings?
  9. MimeNegative
    Ah mate, we all have bad times, I've tried suicide twice, I might do it again, but trust me, things will eventually get better, probably not right away, but eventually, just live on until you can see that day :) Maybe set that as your goal. I hope you get a lot of support from good people :)
  10. Emberfrost12
    I thought I might give a complete account. So, here we go. 1) When I was six-ish my teacher essentially told me I wasn't good enough for her. At that school there were twelve people in elementary. That's twelve people in six grades, and I really did not have any friends I actually liked. 2) I may have tried suicide as a way out when I was eight or nine. I don't know why that didn't raise any red flags for anyone, but it didn't 3) In fourth grade, I moved from the U.S. to Canada. I punched someone who is currently my friend that year. That year I also made two friends. 4) In fifth grade, I bullied a grade six because I saw her as a challenge to my friendship with someone. I didn't realize I had bullied her until long after 5) In grade six, I got bullied by two other sixes, while not realizing it was happening, because I thought was in equal power. I started self-harming. One of my close friends revealed his suicidal thought/feelings to me. 6) Whelp, I'm a grade seven now, and...it's been a long year, but relatively good. I mean, my bar isn't high for a good year, but it's been better
  11. MimeNegative
    Thanks for the welcome to everyone Abi! My pronouns [in turn] as mentioned on my profile, are it. I also like to play Minecraft, sing and do art. I also like watching anime and brooding. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and depression. And online, just call me Hood. :) Hope you all enjoy the welcome and please, take care of yourselves the moment you feel like you can!
  12. Helpmeineedsupport
    Welcome! Call me Abi my pronouns are to be determined and im 13 years old, I like to play minecraft, sing and do art. I think I have adhd and have a homophobic/transphobic dad. Introduce yourself if you want in the replys :D Also sorry for any grammar mistakes
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