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  2. Emberfrost12
    ( @CoconutCultist, @Alexbeach, @Megs- )
  3. Emberfrost12
    Favorite features? That's a really general question I suppose I like seeing who's active and what they're looking at. I like the range of experiences you can hear from, although I wish we had more. I like the variety in topics that are covered, and I like the support and the care that everyone here has for each other. My main problem is the lack of user variety and user growth. Right now, we have about eight users who I would really consider 'active' , which is pretty much as many as we get at a time. I know that not a lot can be done about this, but I'd really like to see some developments that could encourage new members to get involved more. Such as maybe having the option to post your 'about me' in the chat once or something.
  4. Barn
    What are your favourite features of the community forum? What keeps you coming back for more? If you were in charge for the day, what would you add or change?
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